White Mushrooms

White Mushrooms

I made it to West Virginia! And it's beautiful! In a within limits kind of way...

Overnight soaked porridge was better today but still work is required. It saves loads of time though, I awoke around 7.30 and was on the road by 8.20. I had about 25 miles to the next town and second breakfast and managed to squeeze in some crisps and a chocolate milk on the way. This was not to be a healthy food day...

Covington was the town and it kind of sprawled and was pretty nice? The diner was 50s again and it showed. Breakfast was a cheese ommlette with biscuits and hash browns. Way too much cheese for that time of day. As I went to pay and leave I spotted the lemon meringue (?) pie and was forced back to my seat with more coffee I didn't need.

The road from there was slighly scary because of the trucks but they were big and loud enough to hear a mile off so I could get out of their way. Fortunately that ony lasted a few miles before my turn off and another gravel road hill over the hill. A cold drink was offered from a porch by a local biker (cyclist) and welcomed. The gravel continued over (not much of) a hill and, unannounced, into West Virginia. It started beautiful and then there was a Correctional Facility (some sort of prison, orange jump suits and everything) and then what seemed like a very big trailer park. But still beautiful, down in a valley, surrounded by rolling wooded hills on all sides.

I avoided a more hill option to get to the next town - White Sulphur Springs - with the hope of finding live music. Not to be sadly but I did find...a pub :) They're not as east to find as you might imagine. It was on the main street but the sign said "Route 60 Grill". I'd passed it once already before I noticed that the sign said something about food AND ALE. In I went. Food side. Only to be ushered around the other side to the bar where people were playing what appeared to be wii golf, drinking beer and even smoking. Weird. Really nice though, very friendly, everyone thought I was crazy but mostly in a good way. I had a 3 cheese toasty, with crisps and a couple of beers. I asked if there was a campground in the nearby state park (where I was planning on spending the night) and they said yeah! it's real close and not up hill, "I'd bike there" the ex-cop at the end of the bar said.

I'd better have another beer then says I. And then someone buys everyone in the bar a beer, including me. Only 4 bottles of beer, and an easy ride to the campground. Fine. Off I go. I (stupidly?) decide to follow the googlemaps route into the park. I'll need to look it up but I'd guess it was about 6 mile up hill. And there was no campground. Damn. So I'm in the woods again. All good.

As I reached the top of the hill, sweating like (insert rude simile here) in a sea of browns and greens a pure white mushroom stands out against everything. I've taken a few photos, i'll get them up here soon, honest. It seems to sparkle against everything else so I pick it and take it with me.

I get to the top of the hill, give up on the camp ground and set up camp on a flat spot and think, OK, if the stove starts I'm having mushroom tortilla for dinner. Lo and behold, it starts first time. Fried with some olive oil and garlic it was delicious!

A great end to a great day. I did about 68 miles I think. Red sky at night...


I stopped writing there ^ to enjoy the sun going down through the trees and forgot to start again.

I didn't take any photos of White Sulphur Springs unfortunately. It was nicer than the name suggests. It's an old spa town and the home of the first golf club in America, and still host of the PGA I think. It's not quite as nice as that may make it sound tho, it's no Bath...

That was that. I didn't really eat the mushroom by the way, i left it where it was. I camped inbetween 3 more of them and they kept me safe. Maybe.

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