No Castle

Another Day, Another Mountain Range or
All The Right Gear or
No Castle

I made the most of the motel breakfast again - waffles, cereal, coffee, juice, bagel, donut and muffin. Got cleaned up and packed up and headed into town to take a few photos and buy some food before hitting the road again. I couldn't resist returning to The TExas Tavern for another Denver but the atmosphore wasn't the same as Thursday night, hardly surprising I suppose.

Then west, towards the Allhegeney Mountains and West Virginia. The ride was a bit stressful after leaving Roanoke County as the hard shoulder that I'd been riding on disappeared. Soon afterwards though a gravel road marked "Wildlife Road" appeared and I consulted googlemaps and took it. It was pretty rough and hard going and i was worried about bears but there was no traffic and it was all through the woods so I think it was the right choice. My granny ring got it's first usage, and not just a little. I had to ford a stream a few times which could have been a problem if it had been raining recently, it looked like it got pretty substantial when in flood. All good though.

I stopped for water in New Castle (I couldn't see a castle) and carried on for a while before setting up camp in the woods, just off the road. My bloody stove wouldn't work so it was peanut butter and jam tortillas for dinner, that was meant to be lunch :/ no problem tho there's plenty left. Cold porridge in the morning tho unless I can sort the stove out.

Anyway, all good, it's good to be on the road again. It's a bit harder than just following the tourist trails I've been doing until now but it'll all be worth it if what people say about West Virginia is true.

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