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If you live in or around Brighton and you like country etc. music then there are some things that you just need to know about. This is not an exhaustive list because there are thing that I need to know about but don't. If you know some of these things the please email me and I'll add them.


Songs From The Ark – Ramblin' Del Day's inimitable radio show on our wonderful community radio station Radio Reverb (97.2 FM and www.radioreverb.com). I've discovered more music listening to this show than from any other source. And it's packed with info on local “roots” music events and great guests. Mondays 8 till 10pm. Set yourself a reminder to listen!


Drifter Promotions – Following a couple of dry years after the demise of The Gilded Palace of Sin (see below) Ian and Martin stepped in and started putting on shows. Lots of the bands that the Gilded Palace would have put on and loads more too from a wider range of genres. I've lost count of drifter shows I've been at already and every damn one was a great show.


Wildwood Promotions – So Ian and Martin drifter have undergone an amicable split and Wildwood Promotions has begun. It'll be interesting to see if we can see any patterns in the difference between the bands they put on. I'm sure we can expect great shows from them both though.


Brighthelmstone Promotions - I don't know how the world of promoting gigs works but these guys put on some amazing bands - Richard Buckner! Richmond Fontaine! Check them out.


www.notnowfrank.com - Mike Lance who used to run The Greys on Southover Street still puts gigs on now and again, mostly at The Albert on Trafalgar Street. Sadly now stopped promoting.


The Great Eastern – sadly amongst the hundreds of pubs in Brighton there is no authentic saloon bar with swing doors, sawdust on the floor and a player piano in the corner (actually The Evening Star does have swing doors now!). What we do have though is The Great Eastern with the best selection of bourbon's you're ever likely to see and consistently great country music on the stereo. Despite it's diminutive size they manage to cram in some great live bands of all flavours too.


Simple Folk -  another great show on Radio Reverb (97.2 FM and www.radioreverb.com) covering a much wider range of music than the name suggests - anti-folk, blue-grass, singer songwriter, alt-country, Appalachion, honky-tonk, country-rock, Americana...along with outsider music, music that doesn't really fit in to any scene, but deserves to be heard and found it's way onto our stereo. Annoyingly I never remember to listen!


The Ranelagh - Home of The Blues it says on their website but they have all sorts of bands on there including country. Great open fire for winter and beer garden for summer. And they sell beer. Obviously.


Union Music Store – OK so it's in Lewes not Brighton but it's pretty close and everyone loves a day out in Lewes...Union Music Store is a folk, country and americana music shop selling records, CDs, posters, clothes etc. And if that weren't enougn they even have in-store shows AND they put on monthly live music in The Lansdown pub in Lewes.


The Gilded Palace of Sin – So The Gilded Palace of Sin used to put shows on in Brighton. Then, sadly, they stopped forever. But they still put gigs on sometimes. They're even putting Chatham County Line to celebrate their 10th birthday. Go figure. They still do a radio show on totallyradio.com anyway.


One Inch Badge - Local promoters of repute. They put on all sorts of music including the odd Americana gem. Check their site and listings out.


Punker Bunker - Buzz and Andy (and co?) tirelessly promote shows of many colours including some amazing Americana including Austin Lucas and The Sadies. I can't find their website - how punk is that?!? So you'll have to go visit their record shop 34 Sydney Street, Brighton and see if you can get on their mailing list while buying a new hoodie and skateboard.

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