Jitterbug Vipers

Jitterbug Vipers

Where does the day go? Before I know it Dave's coming to meet me in a Mexican bar and grill and it's nearly 5 o'clock. I watched TV in the morning with Jessamine and wandered to find a cafe to write some this. The local cafe didn't do it or me so I browsed a record shop and a vintage clothes shop before getting a bus into town. I walked round in circles for a while until hunger finally forced me to decide where to stop. I sat at the bar and typed and ate really really good veggie enchiladas. The barman was throwing a strop because they were making him work too hard or something. Whatever, it meant he wasn't constantly asking if I needed more food or drink so I got some peace.

Dave appears and we discuss our various options. Austin has the largest urban bat colony in the world and it's got to be seen we're told so we head there for sunset. We have a bit of a wait for what is quite a disappointing display. The thing about sunset is that it gets dark. So as the 1.5 million bats leave we struggle to see their formation displays againt the dark of the river and the dark of the trees. We're a bit spoilt in Brighton with the similar displays the starlings do, they do it just before sunset rather than just after, and they don't stink of bat poop...

And so back to The Elephant Room we'd looked into on way to not see the bats. It's a great dark little basement bar with a stage at the end. The listings promised us live dancable swing. We didn't get that. There was no dance floor and not all that many people. What we did get tho was a brilliant and hilarious show of drunken jazz. The woman on the bass was hammered (it was about 7.30pm), the Japanese girl on the drums yelped seemingly at random but the singer sang beautifully and Slim on the guitar held it all together despite his crazy appearance. He had a long white beard, womens 50s style glasses, floppy hat and beads hanging from his guitar. Genius. Or something. Very entertaining anyway, Dave loved it.

We realised we hadn't seen Dale Watson play for nearly 24 hours so headed back across the river to watch him again. We got pizza on the way, pretty amazing pizza too, as we'd hoped given the queues we'd seen outside the place. Dale and the gang were playing in The Continental Club and were brilliant again. How could we doubt them? Dale spotted me and once again told everyone my name, where I was from and about my ride from DC. What a memory! It must be all the Lone Star he drinks...

He'd similarly embarrassed an English girl there before we arrived and insisted we should meet. Duly Annabel comes over to say hello Dave and I. She's from Yorkshire, lives in London and is over for a few months to volunteer on Obama's presidential campaign, as you do. She tells us about the presidential campaign debate that's on tomorrow and Dave's keen to go and watch it in the pub. She recommends a bluegrass gig too which we might try to check out. I just looked up places to watch the debate in town and spotted Burlesque the Vote. Only in Texas?

I have to miss the end of the gig to get the last bus back to Rich's which is a shame but I was pretty pooped anyway. So it goes.

Sorry I've not done any photos for a while, I've not taken many and the ones I've taken aren't that good. I'll upload some soon tho, honest.

p.s. to avoid any confusion, Kevyn was just a dance partner, a lift into town and a good blog title. I left all my romantic intentions in Brighton...

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