Game Over - Bike Dead

Game Over

It's all over. I went and bought a roll mat as a temporary solution to my pregnant thermarest situation. I'd spoken to someone at another camping shop in town and they said you have to return a faulty thermarest to thermarest or the shop you bought it from. Damn. I went to an army surplus where the "assistant" treated me like something you'd rather not find on your shoe. I guess I look pretty scruffy in my faded riding gear.

Anyway I paid for the overpriced matt and went to strap it on the bike and head west. And then I saw it. The big crack in in my frame, right across the top of the down tube, by the bottle cage bosses. Bugger.

I took it to the workshop next door and asked if they could weld it. Nope. I took the roll matt back to the shop. Fortunately the other assistant dealt with me and was actually nice. What to do?? Drink coffee and eat waffle and check options.

I decide to try a couple of welders in town. 1 isn't a welder any more and send me to the other one. They say "the don't have the personnel" or something. Damn. OK, bike shops. The first one I ride to isn't a bike shop any more. The second one ignores me for ages and then tried to sell me an inappropriate bike. Wanker. I call the only other bike shop in town and he tries to do the same, he's polite about it though at least.
So. I quit. I've checked into the same motel as last night and my only decision left is whether to get the bus or the train to Austin. I know I've got a week in Austin to look forward to, more even. It's pretty hard not to be a bit disappointed tho, sitting in a motel room eating cold soup out of a can I'd have relished at the end of a long days ride. And it had bloody meat in it. Rubbish.

The temptation is to go get druunk, don't think I will tho. Writing is helping actually, it's still a bit of an anti-climax tho. I'd pictured riding triumphantly into Austin, stopping to take a photo at Austin city limits. Fork it. Now I've got to figure out how to get my bike bits home. Wonder if travel insurance covers this? Hmmm, silver lining?

Might go for a swim.

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if i think of anything more sensible i'll let you know. Ben

Gutted for you...

Keep your chin up!!

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