Chicken Shit Bingo

Chicken Shit Bingo

I woke up pretty late on Dave's floor having dreamed that he'd discussed me staying with his host and that it was all fine. I asked Dave when he woke up and he said I must have dreamed it, but it was all fine anyway. We got our acts together and headed for town. This must have included some impressively slow walking as we missed the bus we were aiming for and had to walk another 15 minutes to the next bus route. Happily we spotted a good looking eatery enroute tho and breakfasted there on veggie meze, very tasty.

Unbelievably it was then time - about 3pm - to head to Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon for more of Dale Watson and The Lone Stars and our very first taste of their world famous chicken shit bingo. This had come highly recommended (the description here is brilliantly written - and well worth a read). Basically the game involves a chicken coop on top of the pool table with the floor numbered 1 to whatever. If you want to play you give a $2 "donation" for a ticket and await the bird. The crowd gathers round and the excitement builds as the seemingly happy hen struts around eating the generously distributed food on the board. Eventually and inevitably the chicken poops and winner takes all - the collected $2 that is, not the poop.

No description can do the event justice, mine certainly doesn't, in any case the fun doesn't end there. The inimitable Dale Watson now comes back to the stage from his break to present the winnings. As if the bingo wasn't enough excitement the winner is given an opportunity to gamble the winnings for money in Dale's pockets. And there are 3 rounds of bingo in this amazing saloon in 1 afternoon! What a day.

And unlike last night at The Broken Spoke the band get a chance to shine. One of their first songs was an old favourite of mine Truck Driving Man so I was in me element. I managed to speak to Dale in one of the breaks. I told him I was a friend of his UK promoter and Sussex country music promoter extraordinare Del Day. He asked about my trip and I requested a song. Imagine my delight (I'd had a few Lone Star's by then) when mid set he asks me to stand up and tells everyone my name, where I'm from and that I'd biked there from DC. And then they play the song I asked for (No Help Wanted by Dale Watson, love that pedal steel!). What a memory the man has, it must be all the Lone Star he drinks!

I managed to get a ticket for the bingo in the last game, the queue was too long in the first 2! Excitement reached fever pitch as the chicken (I think it was Annie) spent a long time scratching around on my number 40 but it wasn't my night. It's the taking part that matters tho.

I didn't feel like a total loser tho as a girl at the bar handed me over a beer and said it was for me. I understand this is kind of normal over here so I did what seemed like the right thing in the circumstances, I blushed, said thanks and ignored her. Unperturbed, an hour later, she hands me another one. Bloody hell, I guess I'll have to deal with this... Apparently she remembered me from the bowling the other night. Weird, can't say I remember her. She introduces me to her friends and we chat very briefly and I go sit down. Not long afterwards they all leave. All quite strange. Free beer tho!

And not too long after that we've got to leave too. Junior Brown is playing across town and we book a taxi. Greg who drove me to New Orleans recommended him and Dave's pretty excited about him too. He plays a twin next guitar where the lower neck is a lap steel! We even manage to persuade Rich and Jessamine to come along. Actually, Jessamine manages to persuade Rich to come along, she's keen to start with.
Junior was always going to have a hard job to compete with the ridiculous excitement of chicken shit bingo and the perfect honky tonk country of Dale Watson and The Lone Stars. He was great but there was a lot of him noodling on his guitar and the band were hardly audible, and pretty nondescript when they were. Worth watching though, if not necessarily worth the $15 cover for less than half his set. Hey ho.

Rich and Jessamine wisely head back north, it is a school night after all. Dave and I head for another beer to discuss how great Dale and the bingo were then for some Mexican food and that was Sunday.

What a day.

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