Burning Bridges

Had a day off yesterday and it was a bit weird. I had loads of stuff to do, mainly on the computer, sorting photos out, getting a route together etc and I hardly got any of it done because this computer is shit! You can't upgrade the memory and it's so slow it can hardly play mp3s without a battle. Grrr.

Anyways. I made it over the 7 lane highway to a 50s diner for lunch which was pretty good. I had my first biscuit. It's basically a light scone thing. Pretty tasty. I can't imagine it with gravy, I'll give it a go sometime when my veggie standards are at a low.

More computer shit in the afternoon then into town for First Friday on Franklin which is a bi weekly outdoor music event. It had loads of potential but I should have seen the warning signs. Preppy moms and dads running the bars, no kids, secutiry everywhere, your wristband got marked each time you bought a beer to keep things under control (5 max!). The band (Burning bridges) were a good covers band playing rock and country and funk etc and they got the crowd going but they were just a covers band at the end of the day. They finished the first set with Enter Sandman by Metallica which was just weird given the crowd. The DJ then played Sabotage by The Beastie Boys. The crowd went mild.

So I headed into town to find food. Downtown Roanoke is really beautiful with loads of old original buildings with painted signs, some graffitti, loads of galleries and interesting shops. I almost went into an open nic night but thought better of it and found another venue called Shadow Box where Eilen Jewell (check her out if you don't know her) is playing sometime next month. I watched a pretty good college kids indie band there for a while before taking a roundabout route back to the motel.

I'm heading for the hills again today, towards West Virginia, somewhere. I'll stop by a bike shop on the way out of town and see where they suggest.

I'm not sure when I'll get wifi again and I'm sorry again for lack of photos, I'll sort it out eventually, honest.


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