This website is not what it used to be. It was initially set up as a calendar of country, bluegrass, Americana etc. gigs in and around Brighton, UK. Then I decided to cycle across the bit of America where all this music originated so I'll put my tour blog up here too. I hope that makes sense. Unfortuately after that I lost interest in maintaining the calendar. If anyone out there fancies updating it please get in touch.
What's the point? Well, I like to listen to this Americana music. I like it a lot. I thought I knew what was going on in the world of Americana in Brighton (and Hove) but then in one week I found out about a fortnightly Americana jam and a weekly Americana radio show that I'd been missing out on for years. So I thought it'd be great to have a central source of information about all this stuff for the good folks of Brighton (and Hove).
Americana? Well, you need a catch all. Some people call it all roots music. Some people would insist on defining each artist or even each song as oldtime, bluegrass, western swing, honky tonk, alt. country, folk, anti-folk etc. etc. I call it all country but I think brightonamericana.com has got a better ring to it.
So BrightonAmericana.com is a calendar of everything that is going on in and around Brighton; mostly gigs but also Americana jams, radio shows, DJ slots etc. The intention is that you will be able to register for weekly or monthly emails. Once I can figure out how to do that...
I can't take responsibility for keeping the calendar up to date. The plan is that local promoters, venues and bands will add their own events.

Keep it country! I want to add an Americana-o-meter so if someone wants to add an event that subscribers might be interested in but it isn't strictly Americana this can be made obvious.

One day I might start adding gig previews and reviews, CD reviews, random recommendations and witless banter. Obviously this should all be ignored.
PLEASE email me about any of this - me@brightonamericana.com otherwise I'll think no one's reading it and I won't bother doing any more work on the site!

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