8 weeks to go


United Kingdom

So. 8 weeks to go. Eep.

My collection of equipment continues to expand with a new front rack, 1 (?!) new rear pannier and a new pair of tour worthy tyres collected from Cranks yesterday. Very exciting.

In other news, I spotted a Scarlet Tiger Moth yesterday. I was excited enough to By The Power Of Google figure out what it was. The site suggested you should email intersting sightings to the local moth wizard so I did and got this in reply -

"It's an exceptionally beautiful moth which, up until recent years, was extinct in the county for many decades. This is a continental species that has now been established in the gyratory area of Brighton (!) since 2007 (after a brief Victorian try at settling). Your record is therefore quite important in delineating the modern history of this colony. So, if you are lucky enough to see any more, please me know."

How cool is that? Thanks to Colin Pratt for that.

Signing out.


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