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8 weeks to go


United Kingdom

So. 8 weeks to go. Eep.

My collection of equipment continues to expand with a new front rack, 1 (?!) new rear pannier and a new pair of tour worthy tyres collected from Cranks yesterday. Very exciting.

In other news, I spotted a Scarlet Tiger Moth yesterday. I was excited enough to By The Power Of Google figure out what it was. The site suggested you should email intersting sightings to the local moth wizard so I did and got this in reply -


This website is not what it used to be. It was initially set up as a calendar of country, bluegrass, Americana etc. gigs in and around Brighton, UK. Then I decided to cycle across the bit of America where all this music originated so I'll put my tour blog up here too. I hope that makes sense. Unfortuately after that I lost interest in maintaining the calendar. If anyone out there fancies updating it please get in touch.

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