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Gallery 3 - On The Road Again

Road - Creek - Road

Road - creek - road, it wasn't deep happily.

Mug tree 1

Mug tree - Virginia Style

Mug tree 2

Mug Tree closer uper

Long and winding road

Mouth of Wilson

The rest of the evening was certainly peaceful with no-one else in the campsite. I thought I deserved my first camp fire and was very happy that I managed to get one started first time. Go me! It was nice to have it to stare at as the sky darkened and to ward off any bogey men who might have been waiting for their moment to pounce.

New River Trail State Park Campground

New River Trail State Park Campground

A day off, woo hoo! I'm at a state park campground at the confluence of 2 creeks and surrounded by trees. The only other people staying are packing up so i think I'll have the place to myself tonight. Nice.

Southern Hospitality - Part 1

Southern Hospitality or My First Warm Shower

Gallery 2 - Blueridge Parkway and Roanoke

blueridge park way

The Blueridge Parkway pic 1 - wooden crash barriers

Blueridge Park Way 2

A view - the photo really doesn't do it justice

bluerudge park way 3

a hopefully not too prophetic sign

Rye 1, Bourbon 0

I'm in Rocky Mount, at the start of The Crooked Road. I was also supposedly in Rocky Mount lastnight at a campsite that was 11 miles away. It was a cool site though, practically empty but for the owner and a couple of the nicest guys you're ever likely to meet.


Be prepared for not much news here but I'm at a cool gas station /
restaurant with wifi so I thought I might as well blog. Someone's
hilariously got this place listed as a Dairy Queen on GoogleMaps. I
won't be telling them they've got this one wrong.

Gallery 1

skyline drive 1

Landscape photos never get across what you see in real life

skyline drive 2

but here's another landscape shot anyway

skyline drive 3

I've taken loads of photos of yellow lines swinging one way and then back again


So the bike computer says 91 miles, that's yesterday and today and the total is 616 miles. Go Me!

I'm in my third, most expensive and worst motel. I almost left blacksburg altogether but needed some computer time to figure out my route so had to bite the bullet.

Bike Wheels On A Gravel Road

Google Maps told me I had about 56 miles from where I camped to
Blacksburg. I'd done a lot of miles the day before tho so I was
prepared to spend another night in the woods if needed on the way.

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