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Comment replies...

Comments replies...

Sorry I've not been able to reply to comments, I've always felt rushed when I've had wifi access so I could read them and type at the same time. Thanks again to everyone who's bothering to read this and to comment by the way, you should probably be working tho. One of the best bits is trying to figure out who's written the comments with no names... Here are some replies from memory:

Cycling is not a Crime!

Cycling is not a crime

I'd decided to have a slower start to the day today. Partly because it was too wet to make breakfast last night and partly because I can't remember why. So I ate and went and charged stuff at the deserted office cabin and had a look at warm showers as I'd so comprehensively failed to do recently.

I hung out there till about ten by which time no-one had turned up so I got a free night. Woo hoo!

Does this campsite even exist?

Does this campsite even exist?

It's actually Thursday but I've not written about yesterday yet. I'm already struggling to remember what happened. This is why I'm writing the blog. It's not for you'all's benefit.

Eh. I biked mostly on big roads with wide shoulders and some not like that. Wow, I really can't remember. Ooh, I ate biscuits and gravy and eggs for breakfast. Again the "gravy" was like pepper sauce. I have a feeling the bits in it were meaty rather than peppercorny but I'll let me off. Eh. Fairly early start, did 65 miles.

Tennessee Sunset?

Tennessee Sunset?

I was up and on the road by about 8.20 this morning, cycling in the morning mists. I knew the forecast for the week wasn't great so didn't know if the mists would clear or the heavens open. I was thinking about how lucky I was with the weather mid afternoon before I finally got rained on but it didn't last.

Dipping my toe in Tennessee

So, now it's tomorrow. Hmmm. It's Monday. I've done about 62 miles today which felt pretty good on fresh legs and less mountainous terrain. I skipped over from Virginia to Tennessee and back again. Tomorrow I'll drop back to Tennessee quickly before heading to Kentucky. The woman at the camp store this morning said folks are different up there, not bad different, but different. Cool.

It is what it is

It is what it is

So I'm kind of in Duffield, actually in Natural Tunnel State Park. Guess what this park is famous for. Apparently it's quite impressive but I don't think I've got time to go and see for myself, I'm aiming for another park 59 miles away tmrw so no time for sight seeing.

Gallery 4 - The Crooked Road and Mouth of Wilson

The Crooked Road

The start of The Crooked Road music heritage trail

Floyd Country Store

Gig at The Floyd Country Store. And it's not just a store in name, it is mainly a store with a stage at the end

new river trail campground

Not a bad spot for a campground

Ponies and Playboys

Ponies and Playboys

I pretty much did what I planned to do since my last blog, which makes a change. I hiked up in the park and saw not only some of the wild ponies but also some long horn cattle that are grazed up there. Both pretty cool I have to say. I returned on the Appalachian Trail so I can say I've hiked that too even though it runs for 2184 miles and I only did about a mile of it. Probably the best mile though.

A Very Civilized Way To Travel

A very civilised way to travel

I'm down on the swing bench again, it's rained over night and it drips off the trees whenever the wind blows so I need to be careful with the laptop but I'll give this a go anyway. I could go sit somewhere else obviously...

Grindle (dog) woke me up this morning splashing in the creek and running around the tent. He's just returned panting from one of his frequent adventures for another drink and splash around.

Sampling Mountain Life

Days off with the hillbillies

So, another change of plan. I'm staying here (Grayson Highlands State Park) for the music festival on Saturday and then getting a ride to another state park near Duffield for the 10th Annual Papa Joe Smiddy Mountain Music Festival Sunday.

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