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Think Globally, Act Hillbilly

Think Globally, Act Hillbilly

Night Out In Nashville

Night out in Nashville

The Greyhound style luxury didn't last. We filled right up at Knoxville but made good time despite the flash flooding. Happily the rain had faded to drizzle by time i got to Nashville so I got a pizza and walked back to Erk and the gang's place. I was very happy to find that they'd cleared a mezzanine space for me so I didn't have to set up the tent in the rain. Thanks guys.

BRRR Day 3

BRRR Day 3

My head hurts. Much more than it deserves to, I think. Tents are bad places for hangovers. I knew this already of course but got quite a reminder.

Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion - Day 2

Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion - Day 2

My blog is bust. Rubbish. I think it's because I need to do some Drupal updates. That's not that easy for technical reasons. I'll should be able to get it running again on Monday, hopefully...I guess if you're reading this I must have done it. Sorry for the delay in any case.

Brizle is the Shizzle

Brizle is the Shizzle

Nashville Bound! - 2nd attempt...

Nashville Bound!

So I'm up and heading for breakfast pretty early. Was caught out by the time change again as I didn't change the time on my old phone that I use as an alarm clock. Damn. I managed to find an independent place for breakfast in a sea of chain fast food places though so it wasn't such a bad start to the day.

Biscuits, eggs, grits, gravy, coffee. Grits seems to be unsweetened semolina type stuff and slightly out of place on the breakfast plate. Not unpleasant though. I think I'll save it for afters next time and put jam (jelly) in it.

Mammoth Caves! - Second upload attempt...

They really are mammoth caves. The biggest cave system in the world no less and really quite impressive. Eh, what more can I say? I did a 2 hour tour of the "new" entrance that included the frozen nigera falls and other cool things I'll not be able to describe in any meaningful way. The entrance was new in the 1920s when the caves were already a big tourist attraction. Some enterprising gentleman bought some adjoining land and blasted his own entrance and then started running tours or his own in the same caves. Nice work.

The blog text has stopped showing. Grrr. Sorry. I'm trying to fix it...

blah, does this text show up?

Yes, it seems so, and can I edit it?

Mammoth Tack

Mammoth Tacky

I was up and off by 9 in the morning. I kind of expected to see endless great camp spots further along the road so I could have avoided last nights complications but there weren't really any. I don't think I could have done anything different really.

The Land Of The Free?

The Land of The Free?

I had a particularly good day today. I left the Andy and Page family home around 10 and arrived in this field around 7, covering 77 miles in between.

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